Wednesday, September 24, 2014



Before dawn breaks I make my way towards the eastern sky looking for Light. I'm not alone, there are others being drawn through the darkness. We all, in unison, come filing out of our rooms and as if in symphony move towards waters edge and set our eyes towards the horizon, for we are Light seekers. We come in all different sizes and shapes and age is not a factor...we are all looking to the horizon to see when He will come. It's one of the only things in a given day that we can be sure of. The sun will rise! It may be hidden behind darkened clouds, but this one thing we know, it can be trusted. Even when the mask it wears is so thick it can't be seen is there.

He never leaves us alone. He is always wooing, always whispering our name, always calling us to come out into the deep. As I stand before the vastness of the oceans expanse I come as a child. Wide eyed and expectant awaiting the gray canvas to begin filling with colors splashed in light. He begins each allotted day with a new canvas. No two are alike. Each time reminding us that His mercy is new every morning and great is His faithfulness.

As darkness gives way to lights strength I find my breath coming into rhythm with the crashing waves . One by one they roll out before me until they are pressed out hard and laid low as if bowing to the One who paints the sky. I am humbled. I am small. He has beckoned me from my sleepy pillow to come make my way into His light. He seeks me...even here His whisper is magnified in the roar of the waves. The light He brings reflects off my eyes and back into His. I am complete. I am at peace. I am known. Wave after glorious wave...I am loved.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

                       TAKING FLIGHT

I did it again. I let my weakness define me. It's easy to stumble. We all do. The thing that determines if we learn to fly or not, is whether we get back up and try again. Love is teaching me not to let the tumbles define me, but to let the cross. It is not to dismiss or to deny my failures, rather it is not to allow them to define me. When I fail, I feel lessened or lowered. I may try to defend myself with my last breath, but hidden in the recesses of my being, I'm trying to convince you as much as myself that I'm not a failure...I'm not as hopeless as I may appear. I defend myself as a way of elevating myself back to the place from where I fell. Truth is, if I am IN Christ, then I am seated in the heavenlies. You can't get any higher than that. If that is true, then for me to be lowered or lessened, Christ would  have to be as well, and that simply isn't going to happen.

I may fail in my experience, but positionally I am seated in Christ at the right hand of the Father. I am seated, not running around hiding in fear or pretense from my weaknesses, but at rest in His righteousness and not my own. When God sees me, He sees me through the righteousness of His Son. He sees my failures but He never stumbles there. He sees who I'm becoming, for He sees the end from the beginning.

His love is portrayed through a mother of a 10 month old child, whose learning to take her first steps. It seems she may be falling more than stepping. Not once does that mother let fear overtake her and give up hopes for her daughter. Nor does she get so disappointed with the thought that her little one will never get it right! For she knows with time these failures will only be a memory and her little one will not only walk but will learn to run like the wind. It is true that this little one in experience will fall and bruise, but what kind of mother would refuse her little one the opportunity to learn and to grow? What kind of mother refuses to let her little one learn how to run and fly like the wind? A good mother knows that bruises are temporal but learning to fly is eternal. So true Love kisses the bruises and gently lets go of the tiny hand as she gives way to flight. Her destiny has always been to fly-not to remain in the falling.

We will fall. We will give in to temptations. We will bruise. We will have to learn to walk through sins consequences, whether ours or those of others...but He never grows weary or fearful with our tumbles, for He knows we are learning to fly! This MUST be the way we view ourselves, not though our experiences, our ups and downs, our own righteousness, but through His righteousness...which is our position if we know Him. For we are seated with Him in the heavenlies, our spirits haven taken flight, and there bruises are only memories!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014



I stand amazed at You. You're like a wave of the sea crashing in on me and rolling over my soul. Relentlessly You love me. You wash over me again and again and each time You wear off one more hardened layer from my weary soul. As deep calls to deep You draw up what You have deposited in me before time began. Before I was, You knew me. You loved me. Beneath all that I appear to be, is the real me, the one You imprinted with Your likeness.

Storms and wars have eroded and defaced my weary profile. Waves crashing in, one by one, have worn away all but memories of Your image. I lose my footing and the undercurrent begins to draw me out into the darker blue when I see Your hand extended once again. From the first time I reached for You, You intertwined Your Spirit with mine and a journey of transformation began. At times the journey seems long and longer still and just when I want to turn away from my reflection I see a little more of You looking back. So I keep reaching out for Your hand to draw me closer and whisper in my ear how to press in and navigate through my reflections that bring shame and disappointment.  As only You can do, You show me a new view of glory and my heart skips a beat at the idea that it is closer to my reach than I first thought.

Again and again I fall in love with You, wave after beautiful wave. Wash over me Lord until all that is left is Your reflection in place of mine. When the final wave crashes over me, sweeping me into the current that will take me home, and I see my souls reflection, may I be more surprised than anyone.

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