Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Eyes Wide Open
I come empty handed. Not by accident. It's taken years. But, they are empty.
You told me "if I would give You what was in them, You would give me what was in Yours".
I'm child-like enough to believe. So I have come again to remind You that they hold nothing...but the hope of Your word.
I read the words of another and she shares from a heart of fullness. Details that I would desire to right about in my own story...here and now...but i wait. In the unseen, they are seen. They are like laughter to the child. Like a sunrise to the dying. To me they are faith.
So I stand in the emptiness and wait for the fullness.
But, I don't stand in silence. My heart sings with wild melody as one who waits with eyes wide open.