Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Window to the Soul

My mind keeps turning to Crystal. His real name is Neil, but he goes by Crystal. I think it must be his eyes. There is something very special about his eyes. It's more than just that they are crystal blue...they are inviting, mysterious and ever so gentle. Not what you would expect from someone who lives on the streets. His clothes and hygiene aren't quite as inviting. His skin and nails show lengthy neglect. But, his eyes tell another story.

I can't help but wonder how anyone who must be treated so harshly, as one who lives on a sidewalk of neglect, could still see through such tender eyes? A persons eyes are said to be a window into one's soul. I was taught that when you speak to someone it is a sign of respect to look them in the eyes. That is usually very easy for me to do. But there have been times in my life, when my heart was breaking or fogged in by a spirit of depression, that I feared to look straight into anyones eyes. I was afraid that they would see the depth of my depravity. My heart was too weary and I was much too vulnerable to let anyone peer into my brokeness. Yet Crystal looks into my eyes when I engage him in conversation. Somehow, I find myself invited into the peace and tenderness that flow from his crystal blues.

I know it's silly. But, what if Crystal isn't just a homeless person? What if we pass him by, while we scurry on our way to accomplish our to do list, and in the hurry we fly by a portal, if you will, into the Kingdom of Heaven. What if his eyes really do reflect the window to his soul? There is no reason to believe that someone who must feel so neglected by God or His children would have such a peaceful and heavenly soul. So where does that tenderness come from? What if Crystal is an angel in disguise? Or even more miraculous, one of God's children, who has been rejected by the world and it's social systems, and has yet maintained an open door into the Father's presence which overflows into his soul as peace and love.

Either way, it is a mystery indeed! Even though Crystal responds to my conversation with timidity, when he looks into my eyes I see a glimpse into eternity. I am drawn to him. I am grateful for him. I long to see what he sees.