Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mending Wounds

Sitting as a professional behind my desk I simply ask for detailed information on a denied claim. The shortness from the woman on the other end is more than evident. And she is from Texas no less. I thought we might have some kindred spirit or something. But as she responds to my questions with more aggression than courtesy I feel my adrenaline kick in and before I know it I want to clarify who is the one who carries the title "Customer Service".

I pose the question with a smile and a reserve from how I truly want to respond and ask her if she is having a bad day. Immediately, her disposition changes...maybe reminded that her phone calls are recorded for training purposes. All ends well...except the conviction of why her rudeness threatens me? You have been pressing the point lately that I am to be healed in all areas.It is her wound that has pressed against mine. The wound of rejection. The bruise of not being smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, enough-enough.

The enemy specializes in using us against one another. He takes her wound of the day and uses it to strike a chord with mine..and music it did not make! I repent and remind myself that I am loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms. I'm called to live higher than the chords of disharmony. I'm called to be whole...to be enough. I might not understand the world of insurance claims, but I understand the Kingdom. I am the opposite of rejected. I have been bought with a price. A great price. I am valuable. I am enough.

I choose to love. I long to respond out of You and not old wounds. I choose to take the ugly moments when life pokes at those old wounds and offer them up to You once again for healing...for music.