Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Loves Best

When I quiet myself, I can hear it. There is music coming from distant shores. The land is right past my ability to see. But the sounds of heaven that billow between there and here invite me to try harder to focus. Waves separate that shoreline from mine. But, I can hear the celebration drifting across the incoming waves, as they splash and dance over liquid blue. I feel the invitation beckoning me there.

There is one. She is my hero. I have known her heartbeat up close. For countless seasons I have loved her and love her still. She too, has listened and dreamt about the music and laughter she hears from that distant land. She has stood on this same sand and listened with mystery and delight. The angelic sounds have called to her, stirring something deep within.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but without saying a word, she has decided it is time to start making progress in that direction. I see it in her eyes when I look deep. She is hearing the music more easily from distant shores than from here where sands seem deep. I am slowly losing her as she begins to drift from here to there. How will I breathe if I can’t see her on my horizon? How will I be whole if she is just beyond my reach?

I look miles above me searching frantically, the galaxies, for something big enough to hold onto. But, the Milky Way is way beyond reach. As I try to hold in waters pouring out of eyes splashing down into liquid covered toes I see a bottle enclosed with note. It has drifted in from those distant shores. It comes with tenderness from my heroes Lover of Soul.

He is reminding me that she is on her way to home. He is wooing her to come closer to His throne. It is the invitation of a lifetime. The One she has been waiting for. The sounds that we hear drifting upon the waves cannot begin to do this far land justice. Even He finds it hard to choose words fit to describe…a land where milk and honey flow...a land where only love and joy are known… a shore where she can rest with the Lover of her soul.

It would be selfish to not want her to go. I cannot hold tight, her rope from this shoreline as it drifts out of sight. I will choose “Loves best” for her. I will not choose mine. I will choose “Loves best” for her as she slowly drifts from my shoreline. In the future I will hear more laughter as it dances on waves from the other side. I will hear her laughter louder...and through my tears I will find delight.